We Die So That

Nexus Arts Gallery 2017

We Die So That is an exhibition of video works, paintings and artefacts that will communicate the true nature of living as a minority in Afghanistan...

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Home Thoughts From Abroad

Praxis Gallery 2017

Alavi utilises the image of de-feathered chickens to replace the heads of striding human figures, pails of milk and blood swinging precariously from their hands. The artist says that these surreal images pervade his sleep....

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Fontanelle Gallery 2016

Halal is any object or action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to religion (Islamic law). The term covers and designates not only food and drink but also all matters of daily life....

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The Uprooted Tree

Adelaide 2014

The body of work presented in this exhibition, The Uprooted Tree, focuses on identity, memory, exile and displacement expressed through painting and installation works based on a recent journey back to Alavi’s homeland in the Daikundi province of Afghanistan.

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Detention camp

Mashad Iran 2014

I use the suggestion of confinement and geographical control over Afghan refugees in Iranian suburbs, of invisible wired fences and walls surrounding refugee communities living on the fringes of main cities through the use of thread and string...

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Hang Kabul

Afghanistan 2013

This exhibition were held at IFA gallery (French Institute in Afghanistan) in Kabul where works in form of painting, drawing, performance art and installation were exhibited. Hang comments in a graphic way on the reporting of war and brutality in an attempt to show that these stories repeat themselves in different places...

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Adelaide 2013

Opening night performance art by Elyas Alavi and Fruzsi Kenez as part of “Amounting to Something” exhibition curated by André Lawrence about memory, migration and home. Photography credit: Daniel John Purvis

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Concrete Me


“Concrete Me” is a collaborative exhibition between emerging artists Elyas Alavi (Afghanistan/Iran/Australia) and André Lawrence (Australia/France) which explores the sharing of distant childhood narratives at the fringes of memory.

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Poetry in Landscape


A breath, a sigh, a laugh, a scream; through voice we communicate, impart meaning and make ourselves heard. Speech, language and culture binds families, cultures and traditions, and the use of poetry in language is itself a masterful form of breath that explores the breadth and depth of human existence

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