This exhibition were held at IFA gallery (French Institute in Afghanistan) in Kabul where works in form of painting, drawing, performance art and installation were exhibited. Hang (2013-2014) comments in a graphic way on the reporting of war and brutality in an attempt to show that these stories repeat themselves in different places; that it has happened elsewhere; and that conflict is often the result of political power play and invariably ends in the death and suffering of ordinary people. In the first degree, it refers to the insecure, difficult and violent situation in Afghanistan and the Middle East and, on a larger scale, it relates to all lands and violence in all parts of the world.

In one of the work, I created an installation where I displayed a real sheep’s heart and liver next to three paintings in each of which I had painted a large human heart onto newspaper. As part of the work, the sheep’s heart, which was changed every day, dripped fresh blood on to local newspapers displayed on the floor, creating incidental shapes and forms. I intended for this work to show in a very real way how the heart of this land, Afghanistan, is wounded, bleeding with every terrible and bloody event that occurs, the violent death of a child, a mother, a son, the blood of those victims spilling on Afghan soil. In all these works, death and bodily substance is reflected in the flowing and fluid-like quality of oil paints used in the paintings, a medium associated here with the subject of this series as drops of oil paint are similar to the fatty surface of real meat.