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Home is the place you left
By Brigid Noone, 2014

The strength of Alavi’s work lies it its ability to connect us to the abstract idea of home through the personal memories and lived experiences informing this body of work. “If the sources of memory are securely tethered to political ideas, however, such problems can be transcended, and the symbols may acquire a motivational power that bare abstraction could not possess”, Nussbaum writes. The embedded visual language Alavi brings to his work confers an instinctual understanding – Nussbaum’s ‘motivational power’ – of its emotional origin.

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Poetry in Landscape: Wind and Voice
By Andre Lawrence, 2012

The purpose of the recital was to witness and enact a happening, observing what would occur as all voices in all languages spoke together. She describes breath as “key to our ability to engage with our emotions, thoughts and actions”, and intimates that the act of breathing is often unnoticed, yet “in breathing, we experience disturbance, transformation and connection “.

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Marzha/Borders exhibition: catalogue essay
By Andrew Hill, 2015

At the borders identities collide, certainties turn to uncertainties and permissions become transgressions. At the borders life may become death, tolerance may become intolerance and physical attributes may be used as a rationale to deny and to exclude. Yet at the borders there can also be slippages which allow transformation and remaking, and those innumerable elements previously cast as dichotomy may be unraveled.

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The life of dreams, Opening speech
By Andrew Hill, 2010

what Elyas does is charts for us a sense of displacement and cultural dislocation as he reflects upon the journey between homeland and new countries, describing what is remaining, what has been found and the distance which separates each of those places. As importantly he charts the emotional spaces which separate loved ones. He also charts new spaces and allows us to see possibilities where we may not have understood possibilities to have existed.

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Nexus World Music Series Commission
Video Clip

In 2013 as a part of Nexus Multicultural Arts Centere's ongoing world music commision series three of Adelaide's most important artists came together to create a new interdisciplinary work.

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'Elyas Alavi is an artist without borders'
By Sophie Perri

The Advertiser, Octuber 03, 2013

He realised how much he loved Australia after he returned from Afghanistan. "By the time I got to Sydney airport I just went out and walked for six hours in the street and I felt that, I know everyone in this street and I know these buildings, these trees. "I wrote six short poems that day and one of them is about calling Australia my home."

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Hard Talk
BBC Persian TV

March 04, 2014

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On contemporary art in Afghanistan
BBC radio

December 10, 2013

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Radio Adelaide

September, 2013

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L’ Institute Français d’Afghanistan
December 2, 2013

185 personnes ont pu découvrir le travail du jeune plasticien Elyas Alavi le 1er décembre dernier à l’Institut français. Une exposition qui a permis à l’IFA d’inaugurer son nouveau dispositif multimédia de projection d’images ; Après une performance mise en scène et interprétée par l’artiste sur ses poésies traitant de la douleur de l’exil, extraits de ses recueil I’m a day-dreamer wolf et Some Wounds, les spectateurs ont pu découvrir le travail photographique d’Elyas projeté en format géant au sol ; un ensemble de portraits mêlant technique photographique et peinture. Les installations plastiques d’Elyas, notamment celle ravivant la mémoire familiale par l’exposition de vêtements de sa grand-mère pris dans la glace, juxtaposés à un cœur animal suspendu et sanguinolent, ont profondément touché le cœur du public. Le public afghan, extrêmement ému par la proposition et le témoignage de l’artiste, a vivement ovationné cette exposition.

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